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The city is the IC in Gemini and its lord Mercury.

We see here Jupiter in the I house dignified by triplicity. Mercury instead is peregrine and the Moon is separating from Saturn and applying to Mercury translating the light from Saturn to Mercury. The survival and continuity of astrology in the Byzantine Empire is evident in a long letter of the emperor Manuel Komnenos addressed to a monk of the Pantokrator monastery, in which Manuel defends astrology. Manuel cites the information which appears in the Byzantine chronicles from the 10th century, that on the fourth day of the dedicatio of Constantinople, Constantine the Great ordered Valens to cast the horoscope of the city and to predict its future.

This was done in the year from the beginning of the world A. Drawing the inauguration chart is easy if we use the placiadian domification because a house is equal to two unequal or temporal hours. The benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, are rising at the horoscope in Cancer a feminine sign, tropic, watery, horoscope of the world, virtuous, changeable, public, popular, political, fruitful, amphibian.

Jupiter is in its exaltation, in sect though occidental. Jupiter is also the ruler of the MC and so in aspect with it. Venus is in triplicity and occidental, of mean motion. He is also in the acquisitive succedent XI place, house of good fortune. The ruler of the Sun, Venus, is dignified as we have already seen. She is in the II place meaning the ability to acquire wealth and to be prosperous.

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Also there is a commutatio between the Sun and the Moon, being the Moon in the domicile of the Sun and the Sun in the exaltation of the Moon. The Sun and the Moon are also natural significators of the king and the people respectively, so their commutatio shows that there is a mutual agreement and harmony between them. Moreover the Sun and the Moon are almost in perfect antiscia and they are in parallel in mundo.

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In addition the Sun is with the star Aldebaran, of nature of Mars and the Moon is with Regulus, the royal star of nature of Mars and Jupiter. The Sun is applying to Saturn with a superior square and since Saturn is the Lord of the VII place, that is, of opponents and enemies of the city, is a good auspice of a secure victory over enemies.

Mars, the out-of-sect malefic, is in sextile and parallel of declination with the Moon. Moreover the Moon is applying to Mercury which is in conjunction with Mars showing possible dangers from violence and infighting.

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The Pars of Fortune is in trine with the Sun and is squared by Venus. Moreover Venus is on the cusp of the X place from Tyche and Jupiter is also there. Though the Lord of Tyche, Mercury, is not in aspect with it and even if Mercury is in its domicile, is with Mars, showing that the material wealth is not safe from robbery and disputes. Orphic Hymn to the Moon translated by Marsilio Ficino. During the past months planning the journey for my incoming summer holidays I decided to prepare a talisman to help me to have a safe and pleasant trip.

Ymago Lunae. Moon Talisman. If for the image of the Moon you will make the shape of a man having the head of a bird, leaning on a stick and having in his hand a branch in blossom, in the hour of the Moon while her exaltation sign is ascending, herself being there, the one who will carry such image will not be in trouble during his journey wherever he will go. The Moon is in Taurus in her exaltation, rising at the horoscope.

The malefic planet are not harming: Mars is cadent and Saturn close to the VII house cusp in aversion with the horoscope and the Moon. From the Picatrix description of the Moon image it not difficult to recognize the egyptian god Thoth. The ibis headed Thoth is a god of the Moon. He is connected with wisdom, science and measuring of time and space. So the image of the Moon in Picatrix can be interpreted as the god Thoth holding a stick and a bunch of lotus flowers. The lotus flower is a symbol of the power of healing and regeneration. Though I recognize the god Thoth in the Moon image of Picatrix I decided to depict the image in a hermetic style.

Victory was a city-camp located between Parma and Fidenza and built in by Frederick II during the siege of Parma in order to spend there the winter months waiting for the capitulation of the city: in the intents of the Emperor, once razed Parma, its inhabitants were supposed to settle down in Victoria, whose evocative name foreshadowed the fate of future imperial capital.

Its construction began in the summer of and, according to sources, was planned and begun by astrologers under the zodiacal sign of Mars, god of war, as a pledge of victory. In February , however, the Guelph forces and Parma, led by the papal legate Gregory of Montelongo, conquered and destroyed the imperial camp.

As the operational center of the emperor, Victoria had been chosen as the place of storage of monetary funds, the Treasury, including the crown, the imperial robes, weapons, provisions, and the imperial library. At the time of his fall was still under construction, a city in the making, well more like a camp than a city structure, but its loss had serious consequences in political and symbolic terms.

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In aid of the besieged Parma troops from Verona and Piacenza had rushed, and Gregory Montelongo, papal legate in Lombardy from , had come from Milan. Meanwhile, the rest of the troops of Parma — to which were added also women, children, young and old people — attacked Victoria, having reason with relative ease of the few defenders remained. The city-camp was reduced to rubble and the imperial treasury — pottery, gold and silver, precious stones, pearls, jewels and silk garments — was looted.

Taddeo from Sessa, an eminent jurist and a close associate of Frederick, was captured, mutilated hands and put in prison in Parma. Et quia scivit quod antiqui magnates respiciebant ascendens, cum volebant condere civitates, et faciebant ipsimet urvum cum aratro, quo circumdabant civitates, unde dicte sunt urbes, incepit et ipse designare liane suam novam civitatem signo Arietis ascendente; tum quia signum est Martis, qui dicitur deus belli, tum quia erat Libre ascendenti contrarium in occasum, quod est signum Veneris, qui pianeta Parme dicitur et esse fortuna eius.

Quasi per hoc forsitan cogitaret, quod Parmensium fortuna, qui oppositi ei erant, tenderet in occasum. In astrologis namque et in hiis, que subtilitatem astrologicam imitantur, primum operanti et septimum adversario datur. Set puto quod non notavit quartum ab ascendente fuisse Cancrum. Quartum enim hedificia, domos et civitates designat; et sic civitas, sub tali ascendente incepta, cancrizare debebat. Because of that perhaps he thought that fortune of the Parmenses, which he was opposed to, was going to set.

For the astrologer and him that resembled them for the astrological skill, the first house was given to the attackers, the seventh to the opponents. The fourth house in fact signifies the buildings, the houses, the cities; and so the city, under such ascendent, should had been destroyed as by a cancer. Mars entered Aries the 20th of June. Because the chart is nocturnal Mars is in sect. But we see here that Venus has some dignity because she is in her bound and also the Moon debilited in Capricorn is moving from Juppiter to Saturn exalted in Libra in the VII house but not close to the discendent.

Venus is with cauda draconis. Venus is doing a square in mundo with Saturn. Vega is culminating. Mars began to retrograde the 31st of August. As we see the Chart is very unfortunate for the city of Victory and the Emperor because, not only Mars is retrograde but Saturn oppose it from its exaltation in Libra. Also Venus, significator of Parma because Parma is under the sign of Taurus , is in its domicile in Libra and though it is cadent from the discendent, is conjunct with fixed star Spica of Mercury-Venus nature. Because the 31st of August Mars began to be retrograde, the suitable range of time when we can suppose the election was taken is between the 21st of June and the 31st of August, and we can add this farther condition to the ones previously listed:.

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For the impression which a solid thing makes in a more solid thing, continues much longer than that which it makes on a less solid thing; and far less in a thing not solid, than a thing somewhat solid; and yet less in a very slippery transient thing, than in a thing less lubricous or changeable.

Hence the impressions which the fixed Stars make on Cities are more correlative to them in length of time, and accordingly those of Castles more durable than those of Houses, for the same reason proportionally. A finally condition should be added:. The only suitable star rising with Aries around that period is Fomalhaut if we used the horary distance which is the case with a time based house system as Placidian system. Probably a medieval astrologer as Bonatus used Alchabitius system.

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Fomalhaut, of mercurial-venereal nature, ascending at the eastern horizon gives eternal fame, Cardanus said. In the following charts Fomalhaut is at the ascendent. First we should notice that Venus the patron planet of the enemy city was in Virgo, debilited by fall, from the 31st of July to the 15th of August. That would have been a suitable range of time in order to make Parma weaker.

But we see also that in the same period Saturn exalted in Libra, angular in the descendent, out of sect is opposing Mars. Saturn opposed Mars from the 9th of July to the end of suitable range of time. Since Moon is also lord of the IMC and significator of the city it should be posited in a sign and a position where it is dignified. If we locate the Moon in Taurus in the first house we found it moving from Sun applying to Venus, bringing to Venus its dignity for domicile and so empowering it as we can se in the chart below.

Rising Mars. Generally in an election for a battle the horoscope is the attacker and the occident the attacked, and in a castle besiegement the ascendent is the attacker and the IMC is the castle. Here it seems that the astrologer choose to mix together those two models: the AS is significator of the attacker, the DS of the enemy, the IMC of the new city Victoria.

Karluv Most. Saturn in corde solis. Palazzo Strozzi.