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Love Single? The stars predict an eccentric character. If involved, expect mental stimulation and wild, sensual nights. Soul mate Aquarius, with their high standards, are on your radar. A fellow Aries or a Capricorn could also spark interest. A promotion may be coming your way, especially around 18 March May. The rules for are action and consistency. Then again, action is never a problem for a brave warrior Aries. Money Accounting will be easy. In fact, a marathon is on the cards. Get set for amazing career, financial and romantic opportunities. Add sexual pleasure and the first half of will see you owning your beauty as the butterfly inside emerges.

Soul mate Earth and water signs, especially Capricorn and Scorpio, are your catnip, and there will be common ground with Capricorn.

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Work Media and communication, from journalism and public relations to teaching, are ideal, although your diverse interests may see you taking on an extra career. Money Start thinking about who you can trust, as you may need a business partner. Your money is tied to other people this year — which may also mean an inheritance. Health You love cooking and eating, just make sure to get plenty of exercise.

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Outdoor activities, such as walking, suit you most. This year asks you to be gentler with yourself and to find new ways to make money. Love will have a fantasy vibe with many passionate moments. And work? There will be more opportunities for leadership. Love If single, stop dreaming and get out there.

If involved, romance, fantasy and passion will dominate your love-life. Make time for intellectual bonding, too. Other possibilities: earthy Taurus, dynamic Capricorn and charming Libra. Your job will feature feminine energies and children, and there may also be a career change. Money Marriage or business partnerships will bring financial gain.

Be creative and go with your own flow, and money will come. Health Detox regularly, watch out for urinary tract infections and stay hydrated. Make sure to guard your sexual health in light of all the sexy encounters. Fortune will favour you financially. Partnered up? Having children may be on your mind.

Soul mate A Capricorn may grab your attention, as well as an Aquarius or gentle Cancer. There may also be connections with a well-balanced Libra and exciting Leo. There may be deals based around property, as well as the finance sector. Home industries as a career may appeal, too. Money Expect financial growth.

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Put money away into financial institutions including offshore at a high interest rate. Consider enlisting the help of a financial advisor. Health Include calcium-rich products in your diet. Strengthen your bones by doing strength training. Visits to the dentist will also be important, as is taking care of your nails and skin. The start of the year asks you to give more where money is concerned, while still looking out for number one.

If single, expect to experience a mature relationship with a sensual, friendly individual who puts your happiness first.

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Soul mate Look out for a strong Taurus, perfectionist Virgo and gregarious Leo. And have fun! Work You want more for yourself professionally. There will be more involvement with big organisations and work with the public. Money Projects related to children or different forms of communication in the technology sector are likely to result in financial gain. Business dealings may also involve your mother or motherly figure — or assets belonging to her. Health Enjoy an increase in appetite , just balance the extra kilojoules with exercise. Be wary of weak ankles; warm them up first.

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The year starts off with possibility! Love Singletons may meet someone through a family association. Work Your work will involve more technology — time to brush up on the latest apps and computer programmes. And you might be promoted. Overall, it will be a period of increased brainpower and opportunities in the spotlight. Money Expect financial stability, as you gain control over expenses. More time will be available to structure your money, so put some cash aside in investments that will yield a big return.

Financial goals need to be mapped out. Health Nerves will definitely take strain. Stick to natural foods that increase serotonin levels. Drink calming teas, like peppermint, chamomile and lemon balm, and de-stress by exercising. Have your thyroid checked. A deeper commitment to each other and the relationship may occur. Expect many family get-togethers.

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If single, you might feel heart broken but the right match will make you feel safe again. Soul mate A mysterious Scorpio will give your body the sexual healing it needs. You may also attract social Aquarius whose mind will fascinate you. Work A work-social life balance is important at this time. Details Take Away Food. Details Running for health.

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Running for health Running for health illustration for Mia Magazine Spain. Details Capricorn zodiac sign. Capricorn zodiac sign Capricorn zodiac sign for Mia Magazine Spain.

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